Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meeting up with old friend's paintings off the beaten track

For the second time in a couple weeks I caught up with the work of a couple of old friends from college, James Angell and George Negroponte.  A couple weeks ago at the Kouros Gallery in NY, and today, picking up my daughter from college, we caught a great group show at David Hall Fine Art in Welleseley  including the work of Virva Hinnemo, George's wife and a delightful painter.  
Enchanting paintings by Virva Hinnemo - delightfully subtle in color, light and composition.

Works on wood with wallpaper by George Negroponte. Simple, direct, elegant, playful, charming.

Paintings by James Angell,  symmetry, vibrations, color, light rhythm.

Check it out.

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